Stephen Blank’s CV


A simple Google search leads you to the resume of Russophobe Stephen Blank.  Mr. Blank will correct it if he believes in transparency.  He states that he was an Assistant Professor of Russian History at the University of Texas.  Then to the right he lists its location as San Antonio.  A very big mistake at best.  The University of Texas is one of the top schools in America.  Its location is in Austin, Texas.  The University of Texas at San Antonio is where he taught.  A massive difference to the American intellectual elite.

His claim that he is fluent in both Russian and French is possible, but questionable.  Fluency is hard to define, but it is virtually impossible to find a Westerner who hasn’t spent many years in the Russian speaking world who can even approach a level of Russian that rivals that of a native.  The current U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, is famous for his struggles with the language.  The most famous being this obscene tweet.

If you want an example of an American who speaks incredible Russian you can look at former U.S. Ambassador John Beyrle.  Ambassador Beyrle has been spending time in the former Soviet Union for decades.  He is a student of the language and of the culture.  Yet, even his Russian is not without grammatical faults that every non-native speaker will struggle with for their entire lives.  So, to state that you are fluent in Russian as a non-native speaker is brash at the very best.


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