Lonely Gay Neocon Versus Russia

Name: James Kirchick

Place of Birth: ?

Resides: Greater Boston area

Date of Birth: 1983

Religion: Jewish?

Contact: james.kirchick@gmail.com

Education: Yale University (Undergraduate Degree)

Languages Spoken: English (native), and claims to know German and French.

Published In: The New Republic, The Weekly Standard, The American Interest, The Virginia Quarterly Review, The Columbia Journalism Review, Prospect, Commentary World Affairs Journal, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal,The Los Angeles Times,Ha’aretz, The New York Sun, The New York Daily News, The Hill, Washington Examiner, and The Advocate.

Awards: Excellence in Student Journalism Award and the Journalist of the Year Award from National Gay and Lesbian Journalist Association.

Associated With: Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD – Since November of 2011).  *Note: He is not listed on their official list of fellows.  This is a neocon think tank.

Association with Russia: Rant on RT that has made him a darling among gays and neocons alike.

Famous For: Labeling those who don’t agree with him as anti-semitic (including his self-created nemesis Glenn Greenwald – a Jew), Smearing Ron Paul, and admitting to being a lonely gay man.

Threat Level: Absolutely none.  His rant actually caused this famous piece from the Russian blogging world.  The title reads, “Why Nobody Likes Gays”.  

Potential Love Interest: John Aravosis.  Both have made Masha Gessen look like a United Russia spokeswoman as of late.

Update: MSNBC’s very own Lawrence O’Donnell gave Kirchick a standing ovation on his show for standing up to Vladimir Putin.  This is the O’Donnell that calls himself “a practical socialist“.  As opposed to an unrealistic or impractical one.  This is the same O’Donnell who verbally attacked Julia Ioffe.

Ioffe is a well-known Russophobe who is tied to The New Republic much like Kirchick.  She also posts pictures to her Instagram account of gay men under titles like, “Justmarriedfuckyeah” or this post that shows that she just might be a 12 year old boy.  One of her closest friends in Moscow is Mike, a gay American journalist.  Care to figure out who that might be?  By the way, the RT segment brought Ioffe “pure, unalloyed joy“.  Russophobes, such as Ioffe, must throw in words like “unalloyed” because their work is empty.  Void.  Hollow.  Missing anything other than what the establishment wants out of them.

*NOTE: Inspiration for this post came from this excellent RT piece.


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