Daily Photo – Michael McFaul is the Shot Caller

Mcfaul and Obama Plane

Yes, Ambassador McFaul uses this photo as his cover photo on Facebook. This is especially entertaining when one looks at the history of the Ambassador.  For further proof, just go read old issues of The Exile (back when it was actually worth a read).

In regards to Mark Ames and Matt Taibbi (the founders of the paper).  They never seemed to really love Russia.  It seemed more like it was their very own playground where they didn’t have to grow up.  No wonder both are now the very same people they once so loathed.  In saying this, I would suggest their outstanding book, The Exile: Sex, Drugs, and Libel in the New Russia.  They did some outstanding work exposing what was really going on in Russia in the 90s.  And no, I don’t believe that Vladimir Putin chased them out of the country.

  1. Natalie said:

    Oh my God, I am laughing so hard right now!!!! I just read the Exile article you linked to and it’s hilarious. I had a Twitter fight with McFaul once (we continued our argument over email and it was great). I can’t stand him, either. The very fact that he was appointed ambassador is an insult to Russia. The Exile has published some great things over the years and that article is definitely one of them.

    Keep up the good work with this blog! 🙂

    • Thanks! The fact that someone like McFaul can become Ambassador shows you that anything is possible in America!

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