Alexander Abad-Santos


Note: This post is in regards to this article.

The Atlantic strikes again.   This time in the form of Alexander Abad-Santos.  Never heard of him?  Don’t feel bad.  The Atlantic likes to use those with no understanding or interest in Russia to comment on Russia.  Abad-Santos continues this tradition.

From the opening sentence Abad-Santos lets us know that he is clueless when it comes to Russia.  This might be the first time anyone has placed Russia in the Western world.

Russia is doing its best to become the most homophobic nation in the Western world. In the land of Czar Putin, you can ostensibly be punished for telling a child that gay people exist. You can’t come out in support of homosexual rights, either. Among many other issues, that is putting Russian athletes in curious situations wherein they have to pretend they’ve never heard of their country’s embarrassing anti-gay laws.

There are so many wrong points in this one paragraph, but lets just focus on that very first sentence.  Western world?  Someone neads to tell Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, this.  Here are his recent comments in regards to America and Islam.

A firebrand Russian nationalist-turned-senior official said Tuesday that the West was acting in the Islamic world like a “monkey with a hand grenade.”

This is especially troubling when you find out that Abad-Santos’ only other notable journalistic work outside of The Atlantic was as associate editor for the gay travel publication Passport Magazine.  That is right.  A travel magazine.

If only Abad-Santos had spent the time it must have taken him to map where all the hunky shirtless men are in New York City on Russia.  Yes, he really did do an entire piece on shirtless men in New York City.  That piece includes these lines…

Trebay contends that this is a new breed of shirtlessness—one that isn’t just utility shirtlessness to beat the heat or shirtlessness by way of sunbathing. This is shirtlessness as a fashion statement. “Men are no longer the oglers; they are the object of the gaze,” Trebay writes, paraphrasing a male shirtlessness expert.

Don’t worry Kazakhstan.  Abad-Santos hates you as well.  In that article he also lets us know that in Russia you can be detained for just looking gay.

Russia, where you can be detained just for “looking” gay, has never really been a safe place for LGBT residents, and the same can be said for Kazakhstan, where LGBT activists say that gay and lesbian people can not live openly.

Of course that is 100% false.  That is a good thing for this man For, if it were true, he would be looking at life without the possibility of parole.


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